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We understand that words and websites may not give you the total comfort you need that you have made the ‘right choice’ and are willing to spend your hard earned dollars quite yet.

That is why we have insisted each mental health professional who registers with Finding Franky must offer a 10 minute free consultation. To receive this consultation you can call your mental health professional of choice or leave a message and they will contact you at your preferred time.

Note: Please provide at least 48 hrs notice for your ‘Test Drive’ so your chosen professional has time to return contact and possibly reschedule to a time that suits both parties.’

During this conversation I feel you will quickly discover whether they are the right fit for you.

You may want to discuss further their methods, fees, how to claim and the process involved in making an appointment. This time is yours for free.

The great thing is if you and the mental health professional do not click, that’s fine, try as many as you like until you find the right one for you.

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