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Join the Finding Franky counsellors’ network and help us help people… to find you. Join in the fight for better mental health for all.

Who Can Register?

Accredited counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and therapists.


As part of your profile you will receive your personal dedicated web page to promote your services including:

  • Background information
  • Focus areas and specialties
  • Description of your practice including opening hours
  • Personal photo
  • Personal Video
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Information on fees

In your members area you can also:

  • Post any tips or blogs on the site, with a link to your page.
  • View statistics on how many people have visited your profile.
  • Access and update your profile at any time.

Please CLICK HERE to see an example of a mental health professionals landing page.


Too many people suffer in silence so Finding Franky is all about raising awareness and encouraging people to ask for help.

Through our involvement with grassroots men’s mental health charity, Mr. Perfect, we know there are thousands of mental health professionals doing amazing work across the country. The problem is that the people who most need help often do not know where to find it.

That is where Finding Franky comes in.

We are not just a web-based directory. With each professional receiving their own dedicated web page we aim to match patients to you and will help market yourself and your practices to a wider audience – ensuring the best outcome for all concerned. Our award-winning Design Director also offers additional packages that will help you and your company build your profile through branding, a unique website, social media and more. Click here to see the options available.


At Finding Franky we understand the importance of pairing the right mental health professional with the right patient.

Through Finding Franky, patients are given a FREE 10-minute telephone or Skype consultation with the mental health professional of their choice to make sure they are comfortable and are getting what they need. A relationship can then quickly be established and a mental health plan, including full appointments, can be put into place.

Mental health professionals can also write educational pieces or blogs that will be added to their Finding Franky profile together with a link to your story/blog on the Finding Franky homepage.

We use Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) to drive people looking for a mental health professional through Google and Facebook to Finding Franky and increase awareness of you.


Membership to Finding Franky will only cost you $289 per annum.