About Us


Finding Franky is an online, educational counselling directory developed by a person, like you, who needed a little help and decided to reach out and ask for it.

I had difficulty finding a psychologist who was the right fit for me. Through my own personal experiences I hope this site makes finding the right help that much easier and stress free for you.

I highlight the words ‘right help’ as, in my opinion, no matter if you're looking for a little help for yourself, a partner, a child, a friend, or a group, without the right help you are likely to end up back at square one, usually after spending a lot of time and money.


It was not until early 2015 that I became a Mental Health Advocate. I started seeing a psychologist in 2008 for my own issues, this being my first of three psychologists I have seen to date (I will come to this later).

After years of suffering in silence, unaware of where to find help or who to speak to, a casual conversation in the pub with a few friends changed my life. At that time, and completely unknown to me, one of my best friends was going through similar issues and had started writing an anonymous blog to help him get on top of the ‘black dog’ (to borrow a phrase from our friends at the Black Dog Institute).

We began to chat honestly and openly, maybe for the first time, and discovered we agreed that having trouble with mental health was nothing to be ashamed of. Through his boundless energy and determination he created Mr Perfect, a grassroots men’s mental health support charity, and I am very proud to say I am part of the Leadership Team. Please check out the website here www.mrperfect.org.au.

Through Mr Perfect and my own experiences seeing psychologists it became apparent that education is key for people seeking help. It was not until my first visit with my third psychologist in late 2015 that I started to make real inroads with my issues.

From the first session, we clicked, he understood my problems. I felt comfortable telling him things I had never told anyone before. Instead of trying to diagnose me, we set about on a journey to find the source and changes I could make in my life to help cope with these issues on a day to day basis, working on finding a better, happier me. It was at that point I realised the importance of having a mental health professional who gets me.

I decided after finally finding the right person to help me I would set up Finding Franky so people do not have to make my mistakes and waste nearly seven years and thousands of dollars in the process.


I understand that words and websites may not give you the total comfort you need that you have made the ‘right choice’ and are willing to spend your hard earned dollars quite yet.

That is why we have insisted each mental health professional who registers with Finding Franky must offer a 10 minute free consultation. To receive this consultation you can call your mental health professional of choice or leave a message and they will contact you at your preferred time.

During this conversation I feel you will quickly discover whether they are the right fit for you.

You may want to discuss further their methods, fees, how to claim and the process involved in making an appointment. This time is yours for free.

The great thing is if you and the mental health professional do not click, that’s fine, try as many as you like until you find the right one for you.


Finding Franky is a play on words for finding your better self, going from Frank to Franky is the journey you will take.

Franky may also be the right mental health professional for you. This directory will help you find Franky.

Essentially we also just liked the name and we are all about doing things differently, breaking the mould so to speak.

Learn more about Finding Franky here https://findingfranky.com.au/